The M Word

A Classic Enquiry for TMW

It’s just gone 09:00 and John is on the phone to me about an enquiry when the work mobile rings. I

am privy to the conversation between John and a Mum. She had been recommended by a friend, of a

friend, of a friend who had been a client of ours. This friend of a friend, of a friend, of a friend who

had been a TMW client had stressed to “only see them”. Now why would that be?


The Mum relayed that she had gone to the website, and knew to call us. She was quite distressed

both for herself as a parent and her child, a teenage child. Despite having a diagnosis, the schools’s

expectations, demands and threats showed no insight to the teenagers plight, and CAMHS? Yes, well

the referral got rejected despite a visit to A&E, and despite the high levels of anxiety around school

refusal, running away and resorting to self harming behaviour.


Why does CAMHS reject? Why does the school not do something other than put pressure? Why does

either party ignore the Autistic diagnosis and anxiety??? Neither party believe it is their role. School

state that CAMHS need to treat the anxiety so that the Young Person can continue to attend school.

CAMHS believe the school has induced the anxiety and so it is their job to fix the root cause. Neither

party accept liability, but neither accept responsibility in helping the young person or their family. And

when both parties are accused of neglect by the parent, they retaliate by insisting the parent needs to

attend a parenting course.


Invariably, the young person continues to deteriorate, mental ill health escalates for all family

members and then in desperation TMW gets the phonecall. We are not interested in the politics. Nor

are we interested in supporting CAMHS when their mechanisms are not fit for purpose, and much of

their language is lip service and clearly inaccurate to fit the client’s needs. Nor are they proactive

because of their lengthy queues, and determination to farm out the work to any charity that will take

the clients and then try and fit the clients to the farrows they have open and can accommodate in a

year, two years, or even three. And this is deemed standard practice across the UK.


John and I are accruing a passionate team of individuals who want the best for you and are looking

how to help as many people as possible. The Mental Health assessments are designed to be a useful

tool that could be used for a Mental Health care plan or to compliment the Initial Screening. Together

they make formidable reports as hard evidence from a mental health clinical perspective. The Initial

Screening is especially to be the Rolls Royce of your first screening to ensure you and the clinician can

make an early decision as to where to go next – be it sitting in a CAMHS or Community Paediatrics

queue (you know the one that is anything between 2-5 yrs and counting) or cutting the chase to a

private diagnosis within as many weeks. We are determined to be proactive and efficient and cost

effective. We know this model should reside within the NHS (but it won’t with so many departments

involved), and they see you as a number, whereas all our clients join TMW family as a name and

personality with personal issues that are irritating but can be problem solved.


And we wonder why TMW is growing, and past clients recommending that their friends or family only

see us………