Katie McMaster

Non-Executive Director for Autism

Many young people struggle with their mental health, particularly those on the autistic spectrum.

A young person may feel that they are struggling due to sensory issues and feeling overwhelmed and judged by their peers, or compare themselves to their peers aware that they are viewed differently, or feel a bit weird.

The demands placed on a person in the school environment with attending lessons, doing homework, and completing tests and exams may prove too much with children or young people refusing to attend school.

The M Word can offer an initial screening for both ASC, ADHD/ADD and PDA profile to help you decide whether it is worth proceeding with a private Clinical Psychologist to perform full diagnostic testing. We are aware of the lengthy process with CAMHS (often taking 2-3 years from initial screening to confirmed diagnosis).

Once you have identified the educational and health needs of your child, you are able to apply for an Educational Health Care Plan (EHCP) through your local authority.

While you do not need to have a formal diagnosis in order to have an EHCP, an initial screening through The M Word means that the advisories around your child’s mental health needs can be put into the EHCP as recommendations and provide information for a future private Clinical Psychologist or Psychiatrist, and for the child’s school, to provide the best support possible.


“No words can say how thankful we are for your amazing help, getting our handsome Joe back! It wouldn’t have happened without you. You truly are an amazing person – so understanding and knowledgeable of Mental Health. You are second to none! “

– Gilliland

“Just had my first assessment and I cannot tell you the relief I felt Someone listened to me (and child).  They listened and heard what I was and wasn’t saying. They asked the ‘right’ questions that enabled me to give the answers that I needed (and struggled) to describe.  Thoroughly recommend The M Word! I have got of the session to Lavina and have cried with relief.”

– Anon

“Thank you for everything you have done for me. You have taught me so much + I will be forever greatful.”

– Lauren

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