Depressed? Distressed? Demoralised?


Do you feel out of control of your life?

Are you prone to outbursts of anger, frustration, tears and insecurity?

Are you currently taking antidepressants/anxiolytics?

Have you a history of seeing health professionals with nothing appearing to really work?

Are you struggling to cope with life’s emotions and/or stress?

Do you feel worn down by other people and/or life events?

Lavinia Dowling has been described by her first line Manager in the NHS as ‘The eternal living antidepressant’ with her positive and engaging personality towards others whether they be clients or colleagues.

We have the ability to do anything if we put our minds to it – ‘mind over matter’. However, it’s imperative we take into account our emotions. Our thoughts and feelings are intertwined, but so often we ignore them and regret it later.

More often than not we can maintain control of our lives and work at making our lives happier and more fulfilled. But there are times we find this really difficult :  lack of job/status, little money, poor quality of life, struggling relationships, sad, tearful, etc. all keep us at a low mood level that can often deteriorate into depression. When our mental health is impacted, we find that our thoughts and feelings about ourselves are negative which often is associated with negative coping mechanisms.

You are the architect of your personal experience.” – ShirleyMaclaine.


“Hard-working, conscientious, and clearly enjoys working with clients.”

– Mike O’Driscoll, Deputy Ward Manager, St James Hospital

“Conscientous and thorough in her work, participated fully with enthusiasm with her clients.”

– Dr Wendy Freaker, Consultant Psychiatrist, St James Hospital

“Can be argumentative but open to reason… Sincere and caring as an advocate to her clients.”

– Nigel Dykes

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