Emotional Problem Solving

“Emotional Problem Solving should be the never-ending learning development to ensure positive mental health and wellbeing.”

– Lavinia Dowling
Mental Health Issues

Lavinia’s proprietary Emotional Problem Solving approach is a tri-combination talking therapy embracing Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Interpersonal Therapy (IPT), and Counselling.

CBT challenges our negative thoughts and feelings, IPT explores our relationships and their impact, and Counselling teaches us to listen to ourselves.

Emotional Problem Solving consists of an initial assessment (1.5hrs) followed by further sessions (1hr +) through a choice of packages depending on your needs.

Your Clinical Nurse Therapist is only a phone call away if you need support through the therapy. Telephone, videolink, text, or email support continues to be offered throughout the therapy.

Lavinia has always asserted that “Mental Health affects everybody, not just anybody!” from the moment we are conceived to the moment we die. It is important to know ourselves really well to enable us to recognise the triggers that impact on our mental health, as well as our physical health, but also the right coping mechanisms that empower us, build our confidence and resilience.

Fact: 1 in 4 People Will Experience Mental Illness in Their Lifetime

Mental health still has a tremendous stigma attached to it. Little wonder that people do not associate themselves with it for fear of negative repercussions.

Sadly, mental health is very poorly misunderstood. Many of us readily identify with stress…..which is mental ill health!

Many of us have learnt negative coping mechanisms to deaden our emotions and cover up the problem/stress by smoking (cigarettes/drugs), alcohol, overworking, under/over eating, etc…

But when we stop, these emotions resurface and impact our daily lives. If they are not dealt with, our self-esteem comes under attack (mental/emotional immunity). Once our self-esteem is exposed we are prone to mental illness.

Emotional Problem Solving
Mental health

Emotional Problem Solving simply aims to:

Empower the client to regain control of their life without the use of medication

(e.g., anti-depressants/anxiolytics) or negative coping mechanisms (e.g. alcohol/drugs/sex/self-harm).

Maintain clients’ confidentiality

Remain non-judgemental

Uphold an open and honest relationship

These are the key attributes to our success! We value each and every client as a unique individual. We treat each client as a VIP, as this starts the process of their recovery.

By being non-judgemental, maintaining confidentiality and discretion, we allow the client to relax immediately and not fear the stigma of mental health. The client is encouraged to talk freely and at length about their emotional problems.

Our clients often say they have been ‘given a licence’ to think about themselves. Many have commented on the comfort of the confidential and non-judgemental approach.

“The inner journey, at times has been a very painful one, but exciting too as I discover more and more the underlying factors and influences that originally led me to allowing myself to fall into a very low state. Having more understanding of this, and gaining in confidence, I am starting to see myself as a person who has the power to change things!” Lisa Mayall How to Look Good Naked? May 2007

The Role of the Emotional Problem Solving Nurse Consultant Is to:

Help clients identify problematic issues

Help recognise the triggers that attack their self-esteem

Teach new positive coping mechanisms for life

Provide telephone/text/email support

So don’t delay. Make the first positive step TODAY!


“No words can say how thankful we are for your amazing help, getting our handsome Joe back! It wouldn’t have happened without you. You truly are an amazing person – so understanding and knowledgeable of Mental Health. You are second to none! “

– Gilliland

“Just had my first assessment and I cannot tell you the relief I felt Someone listened to me (and child).  They listened and heard what I was and wasn’t saying. They asked the ‘right’ questions that enabled me to give the answers that I needed (and struggled) to describe.  Thoroughly recommend The M Word! I have got of the session to Lavina and have cried with relief.”

– SEN Ninja

“Thank you for everything you have done for me. You have taught me so much + I will be forever greatful.”

– Lauren

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