The M Word

The transfer between MoD to civilian life is tremendous and one that many Veterans struggle with for many years. Lavinia has worked within the Psychiatric department at Portsmouth Naval dockyard, as well as TILS Veterans service within the NHS. There remains challenges on both sides and a large gap in trying to support Veterans who are struggling with their mental ill health.
The M Word is fortunate in liaising with many specialist military charities as well as having a Non Executive Board member (Capt, Rtd) on board supporting and advising. If you are a Veteran, or know of a Veteran, struggling with your mental ill health, despite having accessed a number of services, we may well be in a position to help and support you in your recovery. Lavinia has many letters of recommendations across the UK as well as support from other agencies often picking up what other professionals have missed.

Non Executive Director Ron Pimm (Capt, Rtd)

Ron Pimm (Capt, Rtd)