The M Word


Has Anxiety always been an issue for you?

Have you questioned your morals and beliefs?

Have you silently been suffering for being somebody you are not?

Have you questioned your sexuality and had aspirations to change it?

Are you afraid to talk because you feel judged and unable to see a way forward?


Many young people feel they are the wrong sexuality and this can heavily impact on their self-esteem and confidence being around others. Imagine living in the wrong body your whole life feeling you are acting out a personality that simply is not you? Imagine the fear of disclosing to others who will judge you for being a freak? Weird for wanting to be a different sex? Who will put you down, threaten you, disown you? Insist you will get over it? If all of this is having you say yes, do you feel that you are now suffering with mental ill health such as anxiety, low mood, or a combination of the two? Or maybe you feel so much in anguish, you can see no positive outcome of this and feel so low in mood that you are resorting to self harming and suicidal plans. It would be completely understandable after all.

You might have tried to talk to family members about it. They cannot get their head around it. You might have even had counselling and they never got to the bottom of it in allowing you some necessary respite in exploring safely how you feel and your aspirations of how you might go about it.

The M Word (Emotional Problem Solving) cic is a Mental Health service with a difference. When we say we care, we do with a passion. That same ardent passion you have to be the person you wish to be. Life is not easy, and I want you to know that you are showing remarkable courage of identifying what you wish to be. My job is to help you get there with a flourish, a grace, and your self-esteem buoyant again holding your head high. It does not require anti-depressants or anxiolytics, (the only meds is to get you where you wish to be), but rather time, patience and a willingness on getting to know the new you as the right sex along with the letting go, shedding the old sexuality and behaviours, and embracing the way forward that you are keen to engineer. It is a liberating amazing experience.