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Bridging the gap between Mental Health & Autism

I wanted to cut to the chase in helping my clients through a Mental Health Assessment, and, if deemed necessary, an Initial Screening for those who believe they show traits of Autism, ADHD, and (more often than not) a PDA profile.

Depressed, Distressed and/or Demoralised?


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How Emotional Problem Solving works?

Emotional Problem Solving should be the never-ending learning development to ensure positive mental health and wellbeing. It has been described as being the “eternal living anti-depressant”.

 Emotional Problem Solving is essentially a talking therapy, designed by its founder, Lavinia Dowling, a qualified psychiatric nurse. It uses a combination of tools such as Counselling, Interpersonal Therapy (IPT), Social Role Valorisation (SRV), and as well as EPS to give the client the best opportunity to combat their mental ill-health. The aim of EPS therapy is embrace the personality without changing the person, and adapt the environment to enhance the personality.

For many of our Autistic individuals, being made to feel the problem is distressing and exhausting, but with EPS therapy to be validated and encouraged to be yourself is liberating and refreshing. EPS therapy teaches you about your Mental Health and Autistic persona and is about empowering you to take back control of your life and, in the process, repair your mental ill health, rebuild your confidence and self-esteem, and be proud of being Autistic.

Emotional Problem Solving

Welcome to The M Word!

My name is Lavinia and I am the Director and Nurse Consultant.

I used to work across CAMHS as a Locum Nurse across a variety of counties. The story is the same across the country, it would appear, in that anybody trying to access services through CAMHS invariably have to be very patient as the queues are very long due to resources being overstretched. Further, CAMHS are not particularly good at offering dual support, or indeed recognising, Autism and mental ill health, despite at least 40% of the referrals being just this.

I felt I had to be proactive and offer a service. I had the knowledge, the skills and the experience. I also have a very good track record wherever I have worked, and a growing reputation with colleagues and clients of making Mental Health interesting and a positive way of living.

The M Word

(Emotional Problem Solving)

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“No words can say how thankful we are for your amazing help, getting our handsome Joe back! It wouldn’t have happened without you. You truly are an amazing person – so understanding and knowledgeable of Mental Health. You are second to none! “

– Gilliland

“Just had my first assessment and I cannot tell you the relief I felt Someone listened to me (and my child).  They listened and heard what I was and wasn’t saying. They asked the ‘right’ questions that enabled me to give the answers that I needed (and struggled) to describe.  Thoroughly recommend The M Word! I came out of the session to Lavinia and cried with relief.”

– Emma

“Thank you for everything you have done for me. You have taught me so much + I will be forever greatful.”

– Lauren

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