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Last updated 03.04.2024

1.1 After booking an appointment by either telephone or email, the Client, in accepting the appointment, accepts the following conditions for the appointment: The Client agrees to the TMW contacting him/her via email or SMS. In the event that the Client prefers that TMW only use telephone contact, s/he must state this in writing via email or text.

1.2. Booking: Appointments can only be made through discussion between the TMW and Client, via email or telephone correspondence. When making an appointment via the booking system or emailing/texting TMW, the Client will receive a booking confirmation via email. The Client may book ahead all his/her sessions (times/dates) providing that these times/dates are not booked by other Clients, or s/he may book one session at a time.  

1.3. The M Word CIC requires the Client to be truthful and work in the best interests of the agreement between the TMW and the Client.

1.4. The Client agrees to provide TMW with all pre-session written work such as questionnaires (if applicable) as appropriate within the requested timeframe 24 hours prior to the booked session.

1.5. Lateness: The Client is paying for the agreed time with TMW and at the agreed location (physical or online). It is the Client’s responsibility to attend the session on time.

1.6. No refund will be given for any late arrival at the session under any circumstances. This includes emergency or unforeseen circumstances out of the Client’s immediate control.  The M Word CIC does not accept cancellation of any or all appointments other than within the initial seven day cooling off period.

1.7. If the Client arrives late, an extension of the agreed time or rescheduling the session will not be offered.

1.8. The M Word CIC is not required under any circumstances to go beyond the arranged session finishing time. The session will be terminated at the end of the arranged time even if the Client has not reached his/her desired outcome.

1.9. The M Word CIC will use reasonable care and skill in providing the service that the Client chooses. Clients are different and so is every therapy session. There are no guarantees of successful outcomes.

1.10. It is not the responsibility of TMW to achieve the desired outcome for the Client. The desired outcome as an achievement of the goal(s) cannot be guaranteed or promised to the Client by TMW. It would be unethical to provide a guarantee for a Client’s treatment of therapy.

1.11. If the Client is not satisfied with the therapy’s outcome, there is no refund. The M Word CIC does not accept any liability in relation to the therapy and modalities used in session.


2.1. Our company policy does not allow for cancellation or refund of any sessions once the initial cooling off period has passed (seven days).

2.2. Any cancellations made the Client will  be charged and the session booked forfeited. This applies under any circumstances including emergencies, illness, or any situations that are out of the Client’s control.

2.3. Rescheduling before the seven-day deadline will allow the session fees to be carried over to the new appointment but under the same terms and conditions for cancelling.

2.4. Short Notice emergency sessions can be booked directly with TMW in writing but under the same terms and conditions for booking/payments/cancellation period.


3.1 ‘Booked Sessions’ by the Client must be paid for in full before the session. No refund will be issued for any cancellations or missed appointments. This policy applies under all circumstances including emergencies, illness, or any situations out of the Client’s control.

3.2. The Client is not bound by the cancellation fee if s/he contacts TMW in writing (by email) to cancel or rearrange prior the session within exactly three days. For example, if a session is booked for Wednesday at 5pm, the three-day notice must be given the preceding Sunday at 5pm at the latest.

3.3. The Client is expected to pay in full any cancelled or missed appointment.

3.4. If written cancellation is received, the Client has no claim to this session time and The M Word CIC reserves the right to offer this slot to other Clients.

3.5. If the Client wants to arrange or rebook an appointment within the three-day period, s/he is expected to request this change in writing. The M Word CIC will try to offer an alternative appointment but cannot guarantee to accommodate the Client’s request.

3.6. The M Word CIC will not terminate the session before its agreed time. However, if the Client desires to finish a session earlier than the agreed time, a refund for the remaining time of the session will not be given.

3.7. The M Word CIC can only offer an estimate of the duration of therapy based on his clinical experience. This, however, this is only an estimate and therapy can be extended based on the Client’s needs and treatment’s progress.

3.8. Sometimes a Client requires more time or less time than expected and this can only become known after therapy has started. If the Client is in any doubt at any point or has any questions relating to the agreed duration of therapy, the Client must raise the appropriate questions with TMW during an agreed therapy session.

3.9. The M Word CIC reserves the right to terminate a session without a refund if it is considered that the Client is a personal risk to him or anyone else in office or in the building. The appropriate services will also be alerted in all cases of violence or personal threats.

3.10. Personal threats, verbal or physical abuse and vandalism will not be tolerated, and the session will be immediately terminated. Subsequently, no refund or any monies will be given for the remaining time of the booked session.

3.11. Although the agreed session time is 60 minutes, TMW reserves the right to terminate the session if the Therapy is not considered in the best interest of the Client. The M Word CIC reserves the right not to disclose the reason for the session’s termination. In these circumstances, no refund will be given.


4.1  The Client and The M Word CIC will review sessions regularly depending upon the Client’s demand or as TMW finds appropriate.

4.2. Once the initial seven day cooling off period has ended, should the Client wish to cancel or terminate their remaining sessions, no refund(s) will be given.

4.3. If The M Word CIC considers the Client’s needs are beyond the limits of his/her competence, TMW reserves the right to terminate the therapeutic contract. The M Word CIC will discuss this with the Client in the session and further recommendations, if possible, may be provided.

4.4. If The M Word CIC decides to end the therapeutic agreement with the Client due to unforeseen circumstances, he reserves the right not to disclose the reason for this decision. However, The M Word CIC will endeavour to give a month’s notice.


Each party agrees that it will not (and shall procure that its employees, consultants, agents, contractors, affiliates or anyone acting on its behalf will not) do any act or make any omission that will or may have the effect of damaging, harming or adversely affecting the other party’s reputation, trade marks (including but not limited to the Company Trade Marks), business names or goodwill associated therewith and will comply with all reasonable requests the other party shall make in relation thereto. This clause survives termination or expiration of this agreement.


By commencing therapy (in-person and/or online), I (the Client) acknowledge that I have read the information above and I agree with the terms and conditions of this agreement. 


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